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File Upload

Upload your file to our company and we will check it to make sure it is print ready. To get a head start make sure to follow our guidelines so there are no delays. The max upload file size for file upload is 2 GB total. If the upload function doesnt appear immediately wait a minute and it will appear for you to use.

Did you use our Templates?!

If not check our templates to make sure your size is correct. Using our templates help to prevent any delays in your work

Some Quick Artwork Tips!

Are Your Images Clear?
My Document graphics were created at 300dpi resolution at 100% - anything less is not suitable for printing and may result in loss of quality

Is Your Content Correct & Double Checked?

All your graphics and images are included, all the spelling is checked.

Is Artwork CMYK?
No RGB use CMYK. It is better to start your design in CMYK instead of converting it at the end because color shifts will occur.

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